Why Align?

The co-founders of Align worked together for several years in widely different capacities. At one point both were engaged as consultants for the same firm. One joint task was to evaluate a new virtual learning platform offered by a technology startup.


The company set up a virtual meeting to demonstrate their technology … and everything went down hill from there. The host – the company’s CEO – first tried to conduct the audio portion of the meeting from a cell phone, which garbled everything he said. When it was suggested he switch to a headset, he couldn’t find it.  The video portion of the presentation was conducted in an untested environment inaccessible to several participants. When these problems were finally resolved -- by switching mid-meeting to another platform -- the main presenter read from a script without regard to participants’ questions, previous knowledge or level of understanding.


Due to the company’s assumption that successful web meetings require little knowledge, preparation or assistance the meeting was a disaster. It failed to achieve a simple objective – effectively provide information about the product relevant to the audience –  


Align’s mission is to help organizations avoid similar costly virtual meeting and learning mistakes.

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