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Why a producer?


Creating an effective virtual meeting, event or class requires attention to dozens of behind-the-scenes details. Whether you're an event planner, teacher, facilitator, or corporate trainer, your priority is to engage your audience. Our priority is to make it happen by addressing the details.

Align virtual producers handle the nuts & bolts of your virtual environment so you can engage your audience in a meaningful way. We help you take your virtual encounter to the next level without worrying about what goes on behind the scenes.


Creating a friction-free virtual environment for facilitators and participants

Your Virtual Co-Pilot

Online events require monitoring real-time communication, organizing breakout sessions, answering questions, assessing comprehension with polls and quizzes and much more.  This can overwhelm even experienced facilitators, especially when the technology misbehaves.  


Align helps you create a seamless virtual experience, allowing you to connect with your audience and take advantage of everything this rich virtual environment has to offer.

Why Align?

The Educator Advantage

As early adopters of distance learning, we know the difficulties of transitioning from an engaging face-to-face experience to a captivating online class. We marry sound pedagogy with innovative technology to create effective and innovative digital learning environments. The results?  Outstanding student outcomes.


With Align you not only get technology know-how, you also get the expertise of seasoned educators who collaborate with you every step of the way.

Partnering for Success

Creating an effective event, meeting, or classroom experience is your expertise. Producing it is oursWe’ll work with you to build captivating online programs that expertly navigate the nuances and leverage the innovations your technology platform offers. For advice on cutting-edge ways to engage your online audiences.

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“As an online program that delivers live interactive classes, Align has been invaluable in creating a great student experience. Align’s technical expertise has helped us establish a first-rate class environment free from technical challenges, like students who connect or can’t get their audio working, so that instructors can focus on teaching and the students can focus on learning.  Proactive, professional, and extremely capable, I would recommend Align to any academic institution seeking to deliver a superior student experience during their live online classes”

Bill Keough
Masters Supply Chain & Transportation Logistics
University of Washington

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