Team Members

Jennifer Withrow has over 10 years of experience in higher education and information technology as a student taking online classes, working with administration, and as an adjunct faculty instructor. She has experience teaching and co-facilitating in both virtual online and face-to-face environ- ments. With her desire to improve the delivery and engagement of participants during her edu- cational career, she has had her skill sets acknowledged with both class award and scholarship. She served on the NVCC Education Advisory Board for Veterinary Technology and currently serves the DCAVM as the technician liaison. She was invited to work with a global veterinary continuing education community in 2010. During that time, she also worked as an independent contractor working with global corporate clients as a virtual course associate. With her focus on quality, she has implemented successful strategies and techniques to enhance training, de- sign, and engagement within the synchronous learning environments.  




Elizabeth Fanning is an accomplished instructional designer, technical writer, and distance learning specialist with over fifteen years' experience as a manager, consultant, and developer of innovative, educational and interactive multimedia presentations and virtual learning spaces. She has produced and written award-winning educational CD-ROMs, scenario-based interactive video scripts, and worked extensively in addressing the learning needs of diverse populations, including underserved teenagers, Vietnam Vets-survivors and their families, older Americans, American Indians, and medical patients facing terminal illness.  Currently, her projects focus on using mobile technologies and social networking tools to create environments that foster knowledge building and community among learners and instructors.


Her experience has allowed her to work across a wide range of subject areas, and to collaborate with stakeholders to create solutions that meet instructional and human needs. In addition, her background in technology and research in end-user perspective results in training and instruction that is effective, relevant and sustainable.                                                           Read more ...

Kathryn (Kate) Wood, Ph.D., is senior project director at the University of Virginia’s Center for Survey Research.  She is instructor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Virginia, and in addition teaches in UVA’s Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Program. She is experienced with both face-to-face and online classrooms.  Her research and teaching interests include research methods, the study of social inequality, and the sociology of religion.

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